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The Wedding Morning: A Guide to Getting Ready on Your Wedding Day

Updated: Jan 16

If you’re anything like us, then you believe that every moment on your wedding day deserves to be captured. It’s going to be the happiest and most important day of your life! Why not have as many memories from the day as possible?


You are the main character of your wedding day. You absolutely deserve to have a team of people there all day for the sole purpose of capturing and saving those irreplaceable moments. It’s a once in a lifetime kind of thing. ☺


Why capture the “getting ready” part?


Now, I’m not saying that the getting ready photos are the most important part of the day. The MOST important thing is that you’re marrying the love of your life. Of course! But, we love being able to capture the “getting ready” because it adds so much to our ability to tell the story of your day. All the pre-ceremony hugs, nerves, tears, and laughs give some background to how the day unfolded and tell the story of how you two made your way up to the alter. We want to be there with you before your ceremony to capture those sweet, sweet candid moments with family and friends.


There’s nothing quite like being in a room buzzing full of bridesmaids the morning of a wedding; everyone’s chatting and getting their hair done and counting down the hours until their best friend says “I do”.  

A bride putting on her earrings in a mirror


Detail shots


The “getting ready” is also when we capture accessory detail shots! Often, this is the first thing we do when we arrive. We get lots of detail shots throughout the whole wedding day (ceremony décor, flowers, reception tablescapes, etc.) but capturing a bride’s accessories is always one of my favourite shots of the day!


We love creating a beautiful spread for the bride with all her details the morning of her wedding; her ring and ring box, her perfume, her shoes, her clutch, a little extra greenery from her florist, her veil tossed effortlessly into frame. It’s so special to see the bride’s face light up when she sees her accessories arranged in such a way.

An open wooden ring box with a bride and groom's rings inside

First looks


The wedding morning is also a great time to capture some first looks! Whether or not you’re doing a first look with your partner, there are so many other first looks you can do! You can have a first look with your bridesmaids, siblings, a parent, etc. Some of our favourite first looks are when the bride’s dad sees her in the dress, all done up for the first time. Whether or not your dad has a huge reaction, it’s still such a sweet and surreal moment that you’ll have the memory of forever.


How to make your wedding morning go ~chefs kiss~ perfectly:


There are a few key things that you can do to have a smooth and stress-free wedding morning. (If you’re working with us for your wedding, these are all things that we help our couples plan during our meetings, so don’t worry! We will figure it out together!)


#1: Have a schedule but plan to be behind schedule


Yes, you read that right. Things can easily get behind schedule during the "Getting Ready" portion of the day. Hair and make-up could go long, or someone could mix-up the locations and run a little late. So, we suggest that you give yourself lots of extra time so that you have room for those things happen without you having to rush or panic! If your make-up artist told you they will take an hour on your make-up, give yourself an hour and a half for that! Or if you think your bridesmaids will only need 15 minutes to get dressed, schedule half an hour just in case!


(In general for weddings, we always recommend adding 15-30 minutes to what you ‘think’ you might need for every part of the day. That way you’ll have some extra breathing room to really take it all in, and you’ll still be able to fit everything into the day that you wanted!)

A bride's shoes, engagement ring, and necklace on a grey concrete background

#2: Choose suitable spaces


Typically, brides and grooms get ready in separate locations so that they don’t see each other before they are supposed to (sometimes they are in the same location just different rooms or floors!). So, it’s best to make a plan before the wedding day for when and where everyone needs to be!


When choosing your getting ready locations: Choose a space that has as many windows as possible, is clean/uncluttered, and has neutral walls (white is ideal)! This is especially important for the bride, because clean, white surroundings help us get that elegant, bridal look. Some venues provide couples with a bridal suite where the bride can get ready, so that’s something to find out from your venue or coordinator!

A photo from behind of a bride getting her hair done the morning of her wedding.


If you don’t have a space like this for getting ready with lots of windows and white walls, don’t worry! We’re prepared for anything and we will capture beautiful moments and memories for you no matter what. Promise. <3

#3: Gather your details the night before (if possible!)


The night before your wedding, gather your details and put them all together in a certain place or in a box (we will remind you beforehand of what things exactly you should gather!). Doing this the night before means you won’t be scrambling to find your veil or necklace or shoes on your big day! You’ll have all your accessories in one place so you can have a stress-free morning knowing that you have everything you need!


(It’s also a good idea to pack yourself a little “might need” bag the night before with things like hair pins, lip balm, Band-Aids, deodorant or anything else you think you might need! Put it by your front door so that it’s easy to grab on your way out!)


Black dress shoes, a black watch, a burgundy pocket square, a black tie, and cuff links all laid out on a wooden background.

The wedding morning is such a pure and special moment. It’s going to fly by, so having us there to preserve every detail is so important. We want you to remember who was there, the accessories you wore, your mom zipping up your dress, your bridesmaids reacting to you in it…


It’s a once in a lifetime kind of day. Let’s not forget a thing. ☺


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