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2023 Wedding Trends: The Ones We’re Keeping for 2024

2023 was such a FUN year in the wedding industry. We’ve really loved to see couples this year breaking some of the “traditional” wedding rules and expectations and getting married in a way that best suits them. Whether that’s having a champagne tower instead of a wedding cake, not having a bridal party, or having unique wedding rings, we fully support you planning your wedding in a way that makes it the most meaningful and comfortable for you two!

So, here are some of the 2023 wedding trends that we LOVED this year and want to carry over to the new year! We hope this helps and inspires all you 2024 brides to think outside the box and plan your day however you like. <3

1.NNeon Signs: We loooove a good neon sign. They’re a fun, retro way to add a focal point to your reception area. If you get a neon sign with your names or wedding date on it, you can use it as decor in your home together after the wedding as well. Signs also act as a free Photo Booth station because, guaranteed, all your guests will want photos with you in front of the sign. It works great to have the sign right above you at the head table or sweetheart table where photos of you with your guests can easily be taken.

Abbotsford's Secret Garden Wedding reception area with a neon signs saying "The Soutars".

2. Flash Photography: Some of our favourite wedding photos from our 2023 season are late-night, flash photos. These photos usually look so different than the golden hour or grassy field shots that we got of you earlier in the day, and we really like to have this extra variety in the finished photo gallery. A little flash photography session during the reception is such a fun way to spend a quick minute with your new spouse, and we always always love the candid, unscripted look of the photos that we get from moments like this.

A flash photo of a bride and groom at night on a red couch looking off.

3. Pearls: Do I really need to say more? Pearls add so much elegance, class, and sophistication to any bridal look. Pearls can be incorporated into your jewelry, veil, your wedding dress, decor… we’ve even seen pearls all over a cake! It’s such a simple way to elevate the day.

A white wedding cake covered in pearls with a "Mr & Mrs" sign on it.

4. Reception Table Photos: Another flash photography trend that we’ve been loving this year. We love capturing some a few raw, candid photos of the reception tables after everyone’s onto the dance floor. There might be some spilled wine, a sparkly purse, an empty bottle, a lipstick, a half-eaten piece of cake, some instax photos (more on that later), etc. Just one photo like this tells such a story about the reception and what people were up to.

Sunglasses, cake, and 2 Photo Booth photo printouts on a table.

5. Backyard Weddings: If you or someone you know has a suitable space, backyard weddings are a great way to create a more intimate and personal wedding experience! If you go the backyard wedding route, you could splurge a little more on the decor, dress, or flowers with the money you’d save not having to rent a traditional venue!

A bride and groom's first kiss in a clear tent surrounded by greenery.

6. Bold Colours: Bold colours are a beautiful way to add some personality to your wedding day. Depending on the theme and vibe you’re going for, colourful bridesmaids dresses, colourful flowers, and/or colourful decor can be such a great way to add to the traditional white dress or black suit that you might be wearing. You can even add a fun pop of colour by wearing colourful shoes or jewelry. (Some brides wear blue shoes or blue jewelry for their “something blue”.)

A bride facing away and looking back over her shoulder with several bridesmaids around her wearing yellow dresses.

7. Champagne Towers: Champagne towers are SO fun and they make for such beautiful photos and videos. They’re a great way to bring people together, as everyone wants to see and cheer on the newly married couple as they pour champagne for their guests. It can get a little messy, but we absolutely recommend champagne towers if you want something to spice up your cocktail hour a bit. Something like this can even replace the tradition “cake-cutting” moment, if you’re not planning to have a cake!

A bride and groom pouring champagne onto the top of a tower of champagne glasses.

8. Messy Cake Photos: Speaking of cake: we’ve been loving “messy cake photos” this year. This might sound a bit odd, but similar to the reception table photos, we love to get a photo of the cake after it’s been cut (if you’re having one). The, again, just communicates the realness of the day and what happened. This is also a fun way for you to always remember the colour and flavour of the inside of your cake too, because you probably spent some time picking it out!

A red velvet wedding cake with white frosting cut open.

9. Mirrors: This year we saw lots of mirrors used both as table centrepieces and as signs. Mirrors are an easy way to add some interest and depth to your wedding aesthetic. You could go for thrifted, vintage mirrors with an intricate design, or something more modern and simple with clean edges. We saw mirrors used as welcome signs with the couple’s names or initials on them. Like the neon signs, mirror signs are also such a beautiful keepsake and conversation starter that you can display in your home together after the wedding too!

A gold framed mirror that says "Hello darling, you look incredible, now go grab a drink".

10. Intimate Ceremonies: Intimate ceremonies are a great way to have a really personal and meaningful wedding experience. There’s something so relaxed and comfortable about just having your immediate family and best friends at your ceremony. This is perfect for couples who want to keep things simple and low-key. Imagine a simple backyard ceremony with 30 people, a quick and relaxed hour or two for photos, and then all your family and friends head over to a classy, spacious restaurant for a relaxed reception.

A bride and groom looking at each other while their friend signs their marriage license.

11. Green Suits: We’ve loooooved seeing green suits this year! We’re seeing them everywhere and we’re loving it! From dark forest green to something a bit more bold and obvious, green suits are a great way to add a twist to your wedding attire. They offer a refreshing alternative to traditional black or navy suits. Just a heads up though, if you’re planning to get married out in a grassy area, you might want to avoid a bold green suit as it could blend in with the grass a bit. But if you do want to wear green still, a dark forest green still works well with grass.

A bride and groom holding hands and looking at each other during their wedding ceremony.

12. Unique Wedding Rings: We’ve seen so many unique wedding rings this year! We’ve loved to see our couples choose untraditional metals and jewels that fit more with them and their style. There’s no reason that you have to stick with tradition if that’s not your thing! We even worked with one couple who MADE their wedding rings at a class together before the wedding day.

A close-up of a bride and groom's hands, each wearing a unique wedding ring.

13. Sunglasses: Sunglasses are just tooooo fun. They’re such a playful way to add personality and some interest to a few of your wedding photos. You could have your whole bridal party wear matching sunglasses, or you two could wear bride/groom glasses… some people even write their initials or their wedding date with white ink on the lenses for some fun, unique photos! Not super practical because you can’t see as well out of the glasses, but definitely cute for a few photos!

A bride and groom running through a tunnel of bubbles blown by their guests.

14. Instax Cameras: What a GREAT way to capture candid moments at your wedding… we couldn’t recommend Instax cameras enough. Of course, you will have the professional photos and videos of your day, but we also think it’s so fun to let your guests loose with some Instax cameras to see what they capture! Often they capture moments you didn’t even see or experience on the day, so it’s a great way to look at all the fun your guests were having!

A polaroid photo of a bride getting her hair done the morning of her wedding.

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