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Dreamy Engagement Photoshoot - Lighthouse Park, Vancouver, BC

This one felt like an actual movie. The stills we captured at this session feel and look like something out of Mama Mia…the glistening water, the vibrancy of the ocean, the crashing waves, and the wind that was artfully tossing R’s hair around all evening. I draw lots of inspiration for my photography from movies and cinema. I’m a believer that anyone who finds themselves in front of our cameras should feel more like they are acting in a movie than posing for photos. We love to incorporate lots of movement and motion into our photo sessions (and wind if the weather allows) to get those authentic and candid type shots.


We couldn’t believe how lucky we got with the weather.


We had this session scheduled for over a month, and we lucked out BIG TIME that the weekend it fell on was such beautiful one with clear skies. For the first week of spring, it was surprisingly warm out; these two were each just in jeans and a shirt (and R later changed into a short dress) but they said they were doing okay temperature wise. I’m sure all the walking and constant moving helps.


This shoot was in late March but if these were someone else’s photos, I would have definitely guessed they were taken mid-summer.

Lighthouse Park itself is about a 10 minute walk from the parking lot. So, we met up with B + R in the parking lot and started out on our walk to get to the beautiful viewpoint. It would hardly be classified as a hike, but the whole walk is on a dirt trail through the forest, and there are a couple of sloped sections. We stopped as we were nearing Lighthouse Park to get some photos of these two in the forest, the golden hour light was streaming in just perfectly.

As we got to Lighthouse Park, we started off with some photos with the lighthouse in the background. We simply couldn’t come to Lighthouse Park and ignore the lighthouse. It’s such a fun and unique landmark to play around with in photos.

Then we wanted to get some shots of B + R sitting on a rocky edge, with the ocean and the horizon in the background. We love how these ones turned out. These two were such naturals with the posing instructions we gave them. We had them sit there for quite a while; we first got wide shots from far away and then got much closer and got different angles of them sitting in the same spot. It’s amazing how much variety you can get by moving all around your subject in a complete 360-degree circle, getting photos at different angles and heights of the same pose.

We had a lot of fun with tossing R’s hair around in the wind for some photos too. We were loving the glowy light and the super beachy vibes and colours of this. It probably felt funny to be swishing and flinging her hair around, but we LOVE how these photos turned out.



We, of course, captured several “ring shots” because what’s an engagement photoshoot without a close-up of the bling.

We did some more photos before these two changed into their fancier outfits; he changed into a nice, collared sweater and she changed from her jeans into a cute, flowy white dress. We’re big fans of wearing flowy dresses for engagement photos; they’re fun to play with, twirl in, and they add a great dimension of movement! Plus, dresses are the easiest outfit choice because you don’t have to worry about your pants working with your top! It’s just a single piece and it looks like you put a lot of effort into your outfit, when in reality picking out jeans and a t-shirt that work well together is way more effort. White dresses are always a choice that we recommend, for add an extra bridal-y look and feel to your engagement photos. We also love that R changed from sneakers into heels for some of the photos. She was an absolute champ in navigating the rocky, uneven surfaces of Lighthouse Park to get out to certain places that we were taking photos.

Our favourite photo...


Okay, we have many many favourite photos from this shoot, but our #1 fav is one of the last one’s we took with B + R. We asked them to go stand out on this rock a little bit away from us and face each other. There was just the slightest hint of a sunset left, and as were capturing this image a flock of birds flew overhead at just the right moment. Surprisingly, this photo was not timed at all; the birds just happened to be flying by and we had our cameras ready when they did. The birds and the pastel sunset give this photo such a dreamy, effortless feel to it.

We really love close up shots of faces and expressions, but there’s something so magical about a photo like this from a bit further away. Close ups capture clear emotion and detail, but wide shots are able to tell so much of the story and give so much context in just a single frame. That’s why this one is our favourite photo from B + R’s engagement shoot. This one makes it look and feel like they’re the only two people in the entire world… and that’s exactly how a person should feel when they’re in love. 💌

We had a blast with B + R at their engagement shoot at Lighthouse Park.

We loved their outfit choices, and how they started in casual outfits and then changed into something fancier as the sunset progressed. We were so thankful for the cooperative weather, the whimsical birds that flew overhead, and B + R being so much fun and easy to capture.

We are SO excited to road trip to Pemberton this summer to capture their best day ever. 🤍🤍

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