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Engagement Photoshoot Outfits: Do's and Don’ts

Updated: Mar 28

We LOVE engagement photoshoots. This is typically the first time we meet you in person, so we get to chat, hang out, laugh and capture some beautiful photos of you two in a relaxed environment! We find it makes the wedding day SO much smoother and easier when you've met us and you know how we work! Your wedding photos will look more natural, candid, and relaxed because you've had this practice. Not only do you get valuable practice, but you’ll also get stunning portraits of you two for your wedding invitations, wedding websites, and Save The Dates!


So.. you’ve got your engagement photoshoot booked. As the shoot approaches, you might be thinking to yourself “what the heck will I wear?!” If that’s you, this post will be your best friend. We’ll give you all the dos and don’ts, a couple of reliable outfit “recipes” that never fail, and some tips for picking a stylish and comfy ‘fit!



Engagement Photoshoot DOS


✅ DO… Be true to yourself

Remember… this is about you! If you’re a t-shirt-and-jeans kind of couple, embrace that. Opt for outfits that make you feel like the best version of yourselves. Avoid anything that feels too far outside your comfort zone; you want to look and feel natural in your photos. The best starting point for you to be comfortable is to wear something you feel comfortable in! We’re don’t want you to dress in any kind of way that doesn’t represent you.


✅ DO… Shop your closet! (You don’t need to buy anything new- if you don’t want to!)

Start in your own closet! Don't immediately jump to: "We have a photoshoot coming up, I better go buy something new!” It’s totally okay if you want something new and special for your shoot, but just make sure it’s something you would buy and wear regardless!

If you get something new, we recommend wearing and styling it a few times before the actual shoot to see how you like to wear it and if you feel comfortable enough in it.  

✅ DO… Wear muted colours and neutrals!

Steer clear of neon or bright colours—instead look in your closet for muted colours and neutrals! A neutral base with one “pop” of muted colour is a recipe for success! When in doubt, go for all neutrals. (Denim is considered neutral for our purposes, thank goodness! 😊). You truly can’t go wrong with a white chunky sweater, your favourite pair of jeans, lots of gold jewelry, and black or brown shoes.

✅ DO… Wear something you can move in

Comfort is key, and it's a huge added bonus if the piece itself moves as well! Dresses and skirts are GREAT because they check off both of these boxes. Skirts and dresses also add a “prop” element to your photos; they’re something to play with, twirl with, and add interest!

✅ Do… Accessorize!

We loooove to see hats, cool jackets, fun shoes, jewelry, scarves, ect. It gives us more to capture and play with, and allows you show off your individuality in the photos more. It’s also great if you want to bring some accessories to change into/out of to get some variety with the photos! You could bring a hat, sunglasses, or even a change of shoes to switch up your look halfway through the shoot!

✅ Do… Go for timeless over trendy!

You’ll treasure these photos for a long long time, so we recommend wearing something timeless! A good way to think about this is, did you like this piece 5 years ago and do you think you will like it 5 years from now? This is another reason why we recommend neutral/muted colours instead of bright/obvious ones!  


✅ Do… Share your ideas or theme with us!

If you have a theme for your photoshoot, we would love to hear it! We want to lean into whatever vision or aesthetic you may have for your photos. Maybe you’re thinking about a 90's theme, a western aesthetic, or something chic and elevated… LET’S DO IT. We love nothing more than input from our couples about the photos they want and the vision they have. Pleaseeee share your Pinterest board with us or send us inspo photos. We love that!


Engagement Photoshoot DON'TS

❌ Don’t… Wear athletic wear

Of course we want you to be comfortable but we recommend avoiding sports/athletic wear, gym clothes or gym shoes. Save those outfits for your spin class!

❌ Don’t… Wear bold/obvious branding

Ideally, try to look for pieces without any branding or words on them! We find that bold words or brand names can distract from the focus of the photos: you two!

❌ Don’t… Go crazy with patterns!

We don’t want you two to clash, so either no pattern or just one pattern between the two of you is usually best.


3 Tried + True Outfit “Recipes”

These are some reliable outfit “recipes” that NEVER fail and always look great!

1.     All Light

You really can’t go wrong with monochrome All cream/white tones and light denim is never a bad choice and looks intentional and put together!

2.     Neutrals, Neutrals, Neutrals

Neutrals like white, cream, beige, grey, brown, and olive are your best friends for photoshoots. They fit together so well without looking too “matchy matchy”.

3.     Orange + Blue

Orange + blue is a really famous combination in the film industry. Don’t think of bright traffic cone orange, but more like burnt orange/brown! Orange/brown tones work especially well in the winter when there isn’t as much colour outside. And blue denim or muted blue pieces compliment the orange so well.


With these tips and outfit recipes, we KNOW you’ll be looking amazing when you show up to your engagement photoshoot. Whether you’re dressing up fancy, or rocking jeans and a tee, the most important thing is that you feel like yourself! The photoshoot is about you and your boo, after all!


Stay in touch…

If you have any questions about what to wear for your upcoming photoshoot, send us a message or photos of your closet! We are MORE than happy to provide input and help you look and feel your best.

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