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Every Proposal Deserves a Photographer

Picture this: You’re standing on the edge of a cliff, heart racing, palms sweaty, and a tiny velvet box tucked into your pocket. The sun is setting, casting a warm glow over the landscape. Your love has no idea what’s about to happen. It’s a big defining moment in your story—you’re about to proposal! 💍


Now, let’s rewind a bit. You’ve meticulously planned every detail—the location, the words you’ll say, and the perfect ring. But there’s one more important element that can turn this fleeting moment into an unforgettable memory: a photographer. 📸


Here are some tips for you soon-to-be-proposers and how a photographer can help you create (and capture) such a magical moment! There’s something so special about having a photographer present for such big life moments; the memories, emotions, feelings, and excitement can be frozen in time for you to relive throughout your life.


Memories (Of Course!)

Getting engaged is such a quick and life-altering moment! Not to sound too dramatic, but your “yes” affects the rest of your life!


The wedding day itself is a much longer moment; there’s more time to breathe, sit back and soak it all in (although the whole day flies by too which is why it’s so important to have a good photographer and videographer, but I digress). A proposal is EVEN shorter than a wedding day... typically the big moment is just a few seconds long!


Before you know it, your partner is kneeling in front of you and you’re saying “yes,” and the once-in-a-lifetime moment has arrived! Having photographs and/or a video taken of this moment is so special because you’ll never have this moment again.


Imagine flipping through an album years later, reliving the details—the nervous laughter, the way your love’s eyes widened, and that split-second when they realized what was happening. Like all photographs, these shots will become a time machine, transporting you back to that cliffside, heart-in-your-throat moment.


Improving the Moment

Whether or not you hire a photographer to capture your proposal, the moment will be so incredibly beautiful and special - no worries there. But there are a few things that a photographer can help you with beforehand to make the proposal go as well as possible! A photographer will be able to give you advice on things like lighting, background, and location when you are planning your proposal. These things will not only help the photos to turn out great, but also for the moment itself to be beautiful, memorable, and so special for you two.


The Bling

Let’s show off that new bling! That engagement ring you’ve been hiding like a secret agent deserves its own spotlight. A proposal photographer knows how to capture your ring —the sparkle in the light, the intricate design, and the symbolism. The close-up ring photos are perfect for showing friends and family your new bling and any inscriptions or meaningful details that it might have on it. (Make sure you let your photographer know if there is something special about your ring that you want them to capture! For example, some couples get their initials inscribed or have a meaningful story behind the gems on the ring!)


Share the Love

As much as your proposal is all about you two, the other people in your life are going to be so eager to see and hear about the moment! Most couples prefer an intimate proposal; just the two of them without anyone else around. Having your proposal captured gives you the best of both worlds! You’ll have the private, intimate moment just to yourselves, while still being able to share the memories with those who weren’t there later.


Your proposal is also a story you’ll tell for the rest of your lives, so why not have a few stunning shots to go along with the story?


Wedding Announcements + Invitations

You’ll be able to get so much use out of your proposal photos, we promise you! From announcing your engagement on social media to creating stunning engagement party invitations or wedding save-the-dates, you’ll cherish and use these photos for so many things during your engagement. And, of course, you’ll share these photos for years to come whenever people ask, “So how did you two get engaged?!”. Believe us, people will ask you that a lot!


Getting Practice in Front of the Camera

If you’re camera-shy, getting some on-camera practice at your proposal is a great idea! It’s a chance to practice getting photographed together, learn the poses and how the photographer operates! Ideally, your proposal photographer is the same person who takes your engagement photos and photographs your wedding. That way you will be SO comfortable with them and their cameras by the wedding day, that you’ll be able to get all those candid, natural shots. Your photographer should feel more like a friend than a vendor by the time your wedding day arrives. Having them at your proposal is the first step to getting there.

Aaaand, if you work with your photographer for both your proposal and your engagement photos, you can share with them what shots/poses you loved or didn’t love which can help them capture your wedding day even better!



For all you soon-to-be-proposers, these were some reasons why it’s such a good idea to hire a proposal photographer! Your engagement season is one you’ll look back on and talk about often, and it is going to fly by! If you’ve ever look at your parents or grandparents old photo albums, then you’ll know how important and special it is to be able to document moments in life. Just like your parents shared their old photos with you, you’ll have these photos to share with your children and grandchildren in the future as well. You might not think too much about it now, but the small investment in hiring a photographer will mean that you’ll have these photos to show your future family for years and years to come.

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