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The Perfect Autumn Wedding

Updated: Feb 21

We had the pleasure of capturing P + K’s enchanting autumn wedding day at The Falls Golf Course earlier this month. Their day got us thinking- most weddings we capture are in late spring or summer, but autumn is SUCH a beautiful time to get married as well! The leaves are colourful, the air is crisp, and the mood is romantic. It’s also less popular than summer so the venue and vendors that you want will likely have more availability compared to the summer! Some couples might be concerned about the fall weather for their wedding, but if you have a back-up plan (or if you’re alright with using our clear umbrellas!) no amount of rain will stop you from having an amazing and memorable day.

If you’re a 2024 or 2025 autumn bride, here are some tips, ideas, recommendations, and advice to help you make your big day magical and unforgettable.


First things first, let’s talk about the venue. When choosing a venue for your fall wedding, look for one that has both indoor and outdoor spaces. Having an indoor and outdoor option is ideal for a wedding anytime of year (because, let’s face it, we live in rainy BC!), but especially in the fall and winter months when the weather is even more wet and unpredictable. You can take advantage of the beautiful fall foliage while also having a backup plan in case of wet weather. P + K had a rainy wedding day (which we’ve heard is good luck 😊), so we took advantage of the indoor facilities at The Falls venue for the wedding photos. The bride and groom posed against the big bright windows, which provided a beautiful natural light. The vintage furniture at the venue made for some great props, and we captured some stunning shots of the couple and their bridal party. The team at The Falls was so kind to allow us to completely rearrange their space for our photos.


When it comes to food and drinks, you can take advantage of the autumn season by serving seasonal items like pumpkin or squash, ciders, and hearty soups. Okay, hear me out. Something like a hot apple cider bar during cocktail hour or the reception would be such an adorable and festive way to keep your guests warm and entertained…you could offer different flavours and toppings, like cinnamon sticks and whipped cream! You could also serve fall-inspired cocktails such as apple cranberry margaritas or pumpkin spice martinis!

Colours and Aesthetics

Now for the aesthetics. Autumn is all about warm, rich colours, cozy textures, and natural elements. You can get creative with lighting by using candles, lanterns, and string lights to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Here is how P + K leaned into the fall aesthetic for their day:

  • Their bridal party wore burgundy and navy

  • The girls had bouquets with burnt orange and red tones, pampas grass, and eucylyptus

  • Their wedding cake was rustic themed with macaroons, small pine leaves, chocolate drizzle, and a wooden ‘Mr + Mrs’ sign

  • They had cozy lighting from start to finish. They had a candlelit ceremony and the reception was lit up with gorgeous golden chandeliers and pretty string lights.

If you’re planning a Fall 2024 or 2025 wedding, here are some classic colour palette suggestions to stick to:

  1. Burgundy and gold: This classic colour combination is perfect for autumn weddings because it mimics the colours of the fall leaves. The deep red of the burgundy pairs beautifully with the warmth of gold.

  2. Navy and burnt orange: Navy is a great neutral colour that pairs well with many other colours. Blue and orange is a classic colour combination that’s pleasing to the eye and used a lot in the film industry.

  3. Plum and sage green: Plum is a deep and rich colour that pairs well with sage green. This colour combination is perfect for a rustic autumn wedding. Some classic white and green florals with this would be *chef’s kiss*.

  4. Emerald green and ivory: Emerald green is a rich and luxurious colour that pairs well with ivory. This combination is perfect for an elegant and sophisticated autumn wedding.

  5. Copper and blush: Copper is a warm and inviting colour that pairs beautifully with blush. This coulor combination is perfect for a romantic and intimate autumn wedding. Touches of pampas grass or dried flowers would suit this colour combination so well!

Other Ideas

P + K included some adorable personal touches and unique ideas into their wedding day. Hopefully some of these cute ideas will inspire you to think outside of the box for your wedding day too!

  1. Untraditional First Dance: The bride + groom didn’t have a traditional first “slow” dance- they danced and grooved to “Hooked on a Feeling” by Blue Suede in front of all their guests instead.

  2. “Icing” The Groomsmen: If you’re not familiar with “Icing”, it’s a game where someone hides a bottle of Smirnoff Ice and the person that sees it first has to get down on one knee and chug it. The bride had a first look with the groomsmen where she revealed herself holding 2 cases of Smirnoff Ice. As soon as the groomsmen turned around to see the bride, they saw that she was holding cases of the drink and starting laughing and clapping. They then all grabbed a bottle and knelt in a row to chug their drinks. It made for some great photos!

  3. Flower Crown: Instead of a veil, this bride wore a crown of greenery with her hair down. It suited the “enchanted” wedding theme so much and matched her bouquet and dress perfectly. She looked like she was straight out of a fairytale!

Fall is a great time to have a wedding. Besides the colourful leaves that we all know and love, there are so many cozy and romantic elements that you can incorporate into your day. And hey, if it rains, don’t worry! We’ve heard that it’s good luck! (And we’ll have umbrellas for you 😝).

The team:

Venue: The Falls Golf Course

Dress: Champagne and Lace

Suit: Moores Clothing

Make-up: Young Make-up Artistry

Flowers: Biddy's Blooms

Cake: Reddy Made Cakes

DJ: That Awesome DJ Guy

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