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Shaughnessy Restaurant Wedding – Vancouver, BC

Updated: Feb 23

O + W tied the knot last year at Shaughnessy Restaurant and it was PURE magic. It was such a big, beautiful day of celebrating.


Getting Ready, Fairmont Waterfront


The day started at the Fairmont Waterfront Hotel where we captured both the bride and groom getting ready in separate hotel rooms. They both had a huge window in their room looking out to the ocean which was perfect for some pre-ceremony portraits of them. We even used the sheer window curtain to add a “film-like” quality to a few of the photos of the bride.


Before getting dressed, the bride opened and read a book that the groom had got printed for her, featuring some of their engagement photos, sweet messages from him, and some of their favourite bible verses. We got detail photos of both of them; the bride had a personalized perfume bottle with her new last name on it, which was so cute in the photos! The groom had his initials stitched into the cuff of his shirt sleeve.


Then the beautiful bride-to-be got into her dress and did a first look with her bridesmaids. We always recommend first looks with anyone and everyone that you want to. A parent, siblings, friends, bridesmaids… whether or not they have a huge, emotional reaction it’s such a special moment to have on your wedding day with your loved ones.


First Look + Photos, Fairmont Waterfront


O + W did their first look on the main floor of the hotel. We decided on a spot along the hallway from the lobby towards the ballrooms with big floor to ceiling windows. The groom was turned around waiting in this hallway to see his bride. As we came down from her room to where he was waiting, we got a couple gorgeous photos of her inside the elevator which turned out to be some of my favourites of her from the day. Our cameras are always on during wedding days so that we’re able to capture even the fun little “in between” moments like this.


Their first look was one of the sweetest and happiest ones we’ve captured… the groom was so teary-eyed and had us all tearing up too. The couple read each other heartfelt letters before we captured some indoor bridal portraits of them in the hotel banquet area. We were getting photos of them when their bridal party made their way down from their rooms and starting shouting and cheering for the bride + groom once they saw them together. We got some huge smiles from the couple when they saw and heard their favourite people cheering them on.


Then we captured photos with the whole bridal party, still indoors in the same ballroom area of the hotel. This area of the hotel was so big and spacious, and had a variety of backgrounds which worked well so the bridal party didn’t have to go outside in the cold.


We had a few more minutes for bridal portraits before the party bus arrived to bring everyone to the ceremony, so we braved the cold with the almost-married-couple and went outside for a few photos right near the hotel. We got quite a lot of variety in just a few minutes: we captured them on the stairs, sitting together, near a fountain, and walking across the city street. The photos look warm because it was a sunny day, but it was actually chilly and these two were such troopers to brave the cold with us! We used her long veil to add some interest and detail to some of the photos.

We even took a few cool elevator shots in the hotel before leaving for the venue.

Ceremony, Shaughnessy Restaurant


O + W had their wedding ceremony at Shaughnessy Restaurant and it was officiated by their pastor. The restaurant was decorated in a minimal style with lots of white candles, white flowers, and greenery. The couple didn’t have a traditional arch but they exchanged vows and rings between white pillars topped with big floral arrangements of white roses and baby’s breath. The bride walked in with her mother and her long veil filled the whole aisle. It was so stunning from every angle. There was such striking light coming into the ceremony space through the windows and glass in the ceiling that added beautiful shadows and dimension in the photos too.  


Right after the ceremony we took a few minutes for family photos. Then the bride and groom had a few moments to themselves before their big reception entrance. The bride even changed into a stunning reception dress. I can understand why she had two dresses; she looked incredible in both.




O + W had SUCH a fun and lively wedding reception. The aesthetic of the whole day was clean and modern, so the reception space was filled with minimal, white details. Shaughnessy Restaurant is already a contemporary and beautiful space, with unique light fixtures and lots of windows so not a whole lot else was needed.


They had a tall, simple white wedding cake; it was red velvet flavoured so when the couple cut into it together it revealed it’s bright red centre!


After cutting the cake, the couple shared their first dance as husband and wife! Then they both danced with their mothers. After that, the dance floor opened and things got so fun and wild. There was a big dance circle and lots of people took turns dancing in the middle while everyone else watched and cheered. We had so much fun getting lots of candid, direct flash photos of everyone out on the dance floor.




The whole day had a clean and modern aesthetic. The colour palette was mainly white and black with the only noticeable colour being the groom’s forest green suit. The bridesmaids were in green dresses, and the groomsmen were in black suits with green bow ties. We’ve been seeing and loving green suits lately! Green is a great colour to add to your wedding day because it fits so naturally with all the florals and greenery. White, black, and hints of green is such a classic and timeless wedding aesthetic.




O + W had such a beautiful and fun wedding day! We were so honoured to be a part of it. It was so sweet to witness their union and to play a part in this day.


The Team


Venue: Shaughnessy Resturaunt

Coordinator: Power of Threee

Make-Up: Jada Cianne Arriola

Decor: Delara Decor




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