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Wear Your Wedding Dress Again: Introducing the Bridal Photoshoot

A bridal photoshoot is a photo session that takes place after a couple is already married, typically within the first year of marriage! The couple gets dressed back up in their wedding dress and suit and they head to a beautiful, surreal location with a photographer to get more bridal portraits of the two of them. Bridal photoshoots are a great opportunity to capture photos that might not have been possible on the wedding day itself! These photoshoots are flexible, slow-paced, and will help you increase the ‘cost-per-wear’ of your wedding dress. 😉

Here are some reasons why doing a bridal photoshoot after your wedding is ALWAYS a great idea:

1.    Location, location, location: Unlike the wedding day, where timing and logistics can be challenging, a post-wedding photoshoot allows you to choose a dream location! Maybe it’s a park, a beach, an urban location or a mountaintop, you have more control over where you want to be photographed. You could even go to the location that you had your first date, or where you got engaged! There’s no limit on the location and the timing when you’re doing a bridal photoshoot after the wedding day, so dream big!

2.    No stress, all fun: On your wedding day, there’s often a tight schedule, lots of things to think about, guests to attend to, weather to consider, and the pressure and nerves of the ceremony itself. At a post-wedding photoshoot, none of that stress is there anymore! The wedding day is over, you two got married, guests had an amazing time… so there’s nothing more to worry about! A bridal photoshoot is slow-paced, relaxing and fun! There are no time constraints or distractions. We can take our time, get that dress and veil looking just right, and be more creative with the photos we get!

3.    The more (photos), the merrier: A bridal photoshoot will add so much variety to your wedding album! If you had a rainy wedding day, maybe you’ll want to do your bridal photoshoot on a sunny beach! Or maybe your wedding was in a church so you want to go out into a forest and get beautiful nature shots. Doing a bridal photoshoot means you have control over what the photos will look like. If the wedding photos you dreamed of weren’t possible on your wedding day because of weather or timing, the bridal shoot is the solution for that! Maybe there was a specific photo or pose that you didn’t think of before your wedding but really like– the bridal shoot is the time to get it!

4.    Wearing your dress and suit again: The magic of the post-wedding photoshoot lies in the chance to wear your wedding outfits again. Slip back into your wedding dress or suit, put on those sparkly heels (or change up the footwear so that you aren’t limited for walking and moving around during the shoot!) get your hair and makeup done again (you could even do it differently so that you have some extra variety in the photos!), and celebrate your love with more photos of you two. It’s like reliving the romance of your wedding day without the stress or obligations. You COULD even do something wild like jump into the ocean or lay in a field of grass and get your dress and suit a little wet or dirty – the wedding has already happened so why not!!

5.    Getting that perfect shot: While bridal portraits are an important part of the wedding day, they are not the only important part! Sometimes things get behind schedule and we don’t have as much time on the wedding day as we had planned for bridal portraits. At the post-wedding bridal photoshoot, our only goal is to capture stunning photos of you two! There’s no timeline and no other factors to consider. You’ll be relaxed and we will be able to focus completely on getting amazing shots without hurrying or worrying about a schedule. We’ll have time to take it slow, get more creative, and try new things.

6.    Good weather: Unlike a wedding day, your bridal photoshoot can always be postponed if the weather isn’t looking good or if something comes up! Just like engagement photos, we are super flexible and if we see a rainy forecast we ask our couples if they still want to go ahead as scheduled or if they would rather postpone to a sunny day. (It’s also an option to embrace the weather and run around in the pouring rain in your wedding outfits! We could get some amazing “The Notebook” style photos if you’re up for it… we certainly are!)

7.    Reminiscing: We’ve found that, when couples get dressed up again and come out for more photos, they are reminded of all the fun and emotional moments of their wedding day! While we’re out taking these portraits, it’s so much fun to chat about the wedding day and relive some of those moments that we experienced together. It can even be emotional for couples to re-wear their outfits from such a special and momentous day. It brings back all the feelings and it’s special to be able to capture those feelings once again!

Remember, there’s no strict timeline for a post-wedding photoshoot. It can happen the day after your wedding, shortly after your honeymoon, or even a year later! Maybe you want to do this photoshoot on your first anniversary as a way to reminisce on your big day and your first year together! Mayyyybe you even plan to dress up for a bridal shoot every year on your anniversary! How SWEET would it be to put on your dress and suit after being married for 5, 10, 30, or 50 years and get more photos taken! I’m crying just thinking about it.

SO, if you’re hoping to get a second (or third) … (or tenth!) wear out of your wedding dress and suit, the bridal photoshoot will be your best friend. Let’s climb a mountain or jump in a lake and get you some incredible, “WOW” worthy bridal portraits. Send us a message to inquire!

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